Wednesday, December 17, 2008


We all know how to get referrals is a difficult thing. It´s hard and time consuming. I discovered two websites that are helping me get a nice downline of referrals and best of all... for free.

Take a look and see what best suits you.

" At, you can Buy, Earn & Spend Stars to easily increase your downline for thousands of programs including GPT, PTC, and PTS Sites. Using to build your downline requires little to NO investment. Whether you earn your new referrals for free or purchase a low-cost package, an increased downline means an increase in your GPT earnings! In addition to offering an easy way to directly build your downline, offers many ways for you to advertise your money making/saving sites to your target audience. Our PTC and Banner advertising options open an advertising avenue for WAHMs, Bloggers, Forums, Direct Sales Representatives, eBay Sellers, etc. "

One of the things that called my attention on StarReferrals is that you can also make money there. You get paid real money to click on websites of other members. Nice isn´t it? In one night I was able to make 7 stars and already buy PTS advertisement.

It´s worth a try!!!

" 125,000 members are waiting to join under YOU in 3000 of YOUR free programs.
Open since March 2003, the undisputed leader in creation of referrals for YOUR PROGRAM.
Totally free to join.
Easy-to-use and produces quality results.
Get a downline of real people just like you in ANY program you want! "

In this one it takes a little more time to get credits to advertise your link. You need at least 1 credit to be able to do the advertising. The easiest way to do it is to join other people´s programs.

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PTC Exchange is a different pay-to-click site. There you convert the money made into ads. The payout is $1.00 and it normally takes 24 hours maximun for your ad to be up on the site after convertion to ads.

When you register you already get 500 free views for your site if you put the PTC Exchange link on your website and write an email to the adm with your site´s url and description.

It´s a great free way to get visitors to any site or affiliate link you wish.

Hope this was helpfull. If you know any other site that should be listed here just let me know and I´ll add it :-)

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