Sunday, July 27, 2014


If you’re looking for a good and cheap hosting service to host your websites or blogs I can recommend HostGator on a heartbeat.
I chose HostGator after doing some research on web hosting providers that had a good service but were cheap cause I was just starting out for the first time with the idea of a paid hosting for my blogs instead of using free services which I used in the past and was tired of all their disadvantages like downtime, blogs being deleted with no warning and the list goes on…

I have been using their service for a year now and never had any problems. No downtimes, no complications and the server is fast and reliable too. I set up my wordpress in one click and started building my adult blogs network right away.

But what I like the most about their service is the customer support. They are simply great. They always take less than 24 hours to answer and for many times when I needed they did the hard work for me.

When you sign up to HostGator through the banner above use the coupon code: hotbraziliangirl and you will get 25% discount gift.

Ready to start your new site on your own host? Go with HostGator then, I guarantee you won’t regret it!

Ps.: I disclose the fact that I receive compensation from HostGator for any sales that come from this review.

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