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The SmartBarre   has been present among the surf bars since May 2007, and it is not surprising that it's French, too. This bar is the smallest and the most flexible of the three bars presented here. As long as it runs it collects points for you that are converted to Euros at the end of each month. 

Cash out can be requested when there are at least 15 Euros in your account. Its referral earning system is not outstanding but it's not bad at all. It looks like this:

1st level: 25%;
2nd level: 10%;
3rd level: 10%.

With the aid of some active referrals our earnings will grow considerably. You get a 300 point bonus for registration.

You can grab the bar by the vertical MENU text and you can place it where you want. By clicking with the right mouse button on the vertical MENU text, the bar's menu appears:

Aller sur le site: Go to the web site
Opacité: Set the opacity of the bar (70-100%)
Déplacer la barre: Moving the bar
Mes points: Our collected points
Quitter: Quit

In addition to the points that the bar accumulates by running on your screen, you can gain more points by entering their website. Under the Espace Members title are the links that might interest you.

Clics Rémunérés - Here you can click banners and get 10 points for each.
Tombola - It is the raffle game where you can win points to your account. You can have four tickets a day, you have to click four banners to achieve them. You can use the same method as for the Clics Rémunérés.
Parrainage - Here you'll find your referring link. If somebody joins SmartBarre using that link it will become your referral. - USE THESE TOOLS TO INVITE OTHERS TO YOUR DOWNLINE. The more referrals you have the more money you make.
Mes filleuls - Statistics about your referrals.
Achat filleuls - Here you can buy referrals.
Paiement - Here you can request your cash out (if you reached the 15 Euro limit).
Jackpot - Big prizes.

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