Friday, March 20, 2009


trade show displayIn the beginning of this year my nephew showed me a great company that he used to look at to find the best products for Trade Show Booths in the market.

In his own words this company had "all kinds of banner stands, pipe and drape, trade show furniture, etc... with good prices and a wonderful support" and that "he bought some products there and felt very satisfied with their service too".

He as a guitar player uses to go on trade fairs and stands related to guitar very often to make and watch presentations and he is very interested (and I can say he got me also interested) in those materials and did a good research online till find this company.

I can say I got very surprizes myself with their website. They sell all kinds of stuff for shows, trade shows, stands, etc. And the website is well designed showing they are really professionals in this subject.

If I would buy stuff for a show I would certainly take a look there :-)

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