Sunday, January 18, 2009


Yesterday I had two good news, one was the restauration of my Diary that passed for a hacker attack on Christmas but now is finally back to normall with all the older posts again. And the

Second was a payment from referral program of GPTreasure.

Above you can see the thumbnail of the payment if you click on it you will see it in bigger size.

GPTreasure is by far the best website to complete offers I signed up till now. If I was you would give it a try :-)

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ZLATKO said...

I'm a real man from Croatia! I want you to have millions of dollars! Can one day win and google! To do this should have only good in the head! Christian Dior in his work so strong! I am strong in her and I do not know anything about computers! I am strong I know what the storm, thunder, earthquake and you do not! What science knows about it a little because I know more! That is my strength because I am set! You know earthquake and thunderstorm watch scientific one and the same phenomena! Believe me, it's true! Sorry for the bad translation and greetings from Croatia!

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