Saturday, December 27, 2008


squidooSquidoo is a Social Web building site utilizing personal recommendation to better the web and the world. It is the world's most popular site for building free, single pages about your passions.There you can find the coolest stuff about a variety of things.

These single pages built there about selling something, changing minds, sharing info or expressing yourself are called lenses. It´s a popular way to recommend your favorite things and to get found on the web, drive traffic to your blog or webpage and even make some money for yourself and it´s all free...

I already built two lenses and I can say that it´s addictive!!!

Want to make your own lenses??? It´s easy and fun :-)

Just click here and get started...

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chirundu said...

I first started using Squidoo for SEO purposes only. But over time the income that I have started to generate from unique Squidoo pages has also led me to create them to sand alone and they do not point to any of my main sites. this works really well for niches that are large enough to make some money from, but probably too small to build a whole website for.

Some thing like this Steiner Binoculars lens that I created: works really well for me. (hope this little bit of self promotion is ok - but just wanted to give an example!)

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