Monday, September 8, 2008


I've been making money online for sometime now and I love helping people out with making money because I know by experience how it feels to be broke!

I have compiled a list of many different legit paying sites and will be putting more so please keep checking in. If you are looking for money making opportunities you came to the right place :-). Take a look also at my Business Opportunities links box and you will find lots of legit different ways of making money and getting traffic to your website or blog.

Have fun making money!


* International members welcomed

* All Cash Email and PTC worth 0.1 - 1 Cent

* Search Email worth 0.25 - 0.5 Cents

* Paid To Signup offers worth $0.1 to $10

* 4 referral level

*No minimum weekly payouts! I have already been paid twice there.

*Accepts International Members

* Paid to Click

*Paid to Read

*Paid to Sign Up

*Traffic Exchange

*PTP $0.20 CPM$

*2.00 Minimum Payout

*10% Downline Earnings.

*PTC per visit $0.01 - $0.05

*PTR per visit $0.0025 - $0.05

*PTS per signup $0.20 - $1.00

*Auto surf and manual surf

*Signup bonus $0.10

*Referral earnings 25%

*$5.00 minimum payout.

*PTC : Per Click $0.1 - $0.5 cents

*PTR : Per Email $0.0025 - $0.5 cent

*PTS : Per free Signup $0.20 - $1.00

*Surf : $0.1 - $0.5 cent with auto/manual surf

*Sign up Bonus : $0.20

*Referral earnings : %50 for free members AND
%100 for Upgrade members

*Minimum Payout : $10 for free members AND
NO Minimum Payout for Upgrade members.

*Paid To Click

*Paid To Read

*Paid To Signup

*Traffic Exchange

*PTP $0.20 CPM

*$1 Payout

*10% Referral Earnings.

*Accepts International Members

* Paid to Click

*Paid to Read

*Paid to Sign Up

*Traffic Exchange

*PTP $0.20 CPM$

*$0.10 paypal $0.02 e-gold Minimum Payout

*10% Downline Earnings.

*Get Paid for Reading Emails and Click Ads.

*No-Minimum Weekly Payout By PayPal(No Fee)

*Low $0.5 Payout By E-Gold(7% fee,Within 7 Business Days)

*All Cash Emails worth 0.01 - 1.5 Cents

*All Point Emails worth 1 - 5 Points

*ALL PTC ADS worth $0.01 - $1.5 Cents

*All Point PTC ADS worth 1 - 5 Points

*Points are used to Redeem Ads

*4 Referral levels of commission under you --- 7%,3%,1%,1%

*Was paid once by cash-mails

*International Members are Welcome(Must Understand English).

*Paid to Promote $0.65 per 1,000 Credits!

*Paid to Click!

*Paid to Read e-mails!No points emails!!

*Get Paid To Signup!

*Play games!

*Manual traffic exchange, build in.

*No Minimum Payout on e-gold!

*Low Payout for Paypal (1.00 $)

*Excellent advertising possibilities for members!

*Onsite auctions for downlines, ads etc.(soon)

*6 Referral levels: 5%, 4%, 3%, 2%, 1%, 1%.

*Free Membership

*Upgraded memberships available here

*No Minimum payout on e-gold (0.01$)

*Payouts on Weekends!

*Get Paid To Read

*Get Paid To Click

*Get Paid To Signup

*Get Paid To Promote $0.80 per 1,000 Credits!

*Points can be Redeemed, Traded or Converted to Cash

*5 Referral Levels [ 5% / 4% / 3% / 2% / 1% ]

*Get Paid to Click up to 1c ads

*Get Paid to Read emails (0.5c or 1 cent)

*40% Commission on Referral Earnings (110% for premium members)

*15-90 cents or more Paid to Sign Up to free sites!

*Many contests. Huge Prizes

*$5 Minimum Payout(Alertpay), $6 PayPal. No Minimum Payout

*FREE Membership

*No minimum E-gold Payout! Low 10 Cent Altergold Payout!

*Low $1 LibertyReserve , Paypal and Alertpay Payout

*Earn extra money playing games

*High Rewarding USA/Search Country Signup Offers!

*Earn Reading Our Daily eMails

*Get Paid for Clicking on ads

*Get Paid for sign-ups more then $250 to earn + Daily New offers!

*Complete tasks with the toolbar and earn money

*E-gold, LibertyReserve, Altergold, Paypal and Alertpay

*Payouts will be made each 2 weeks mostly!

*Earn extra money playing games

*Get Paid To Promote $0.75 per 1,000 Credits!

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Great information here thx

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