Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Social Networks are one of the most popular things on the internet nowadays. Who doesn´t have an orkut, myspace or hi5 profile???

On these sites you can find old friends, get new ones and find other kind of relationships. But most part of them don´t share the revenue they make of our participation with ourselves. They keep it all.

But out there I found some that do share this revenue and I will tell you now:

yuwieYuwie is the first one and is the most popular Social Network that pays its members to use it. Like other Social Networks like myspace, there you can share pics, blog, make friends, invite people and hang around. A Yuwie´s member is paid for the pageviews they generate plus the pageviews their referrals generate as well. Once the member accumulate $5.00 they are paid.

zenzuuZenZuu is another Social Network that pays its members. It was launched on August 2008. On ZenZuu you just need to log in 30 times a month to get the 80% shared revenue from the website.

friendlywebnetFriendlyWebNet is just like Yuwie, you are paid by the number of page views you generate, along with referrals. Right now they have around 198 members. The first 100 that signed up will be getting a bonus. And the first 1000 members when they meet this number will also be getting a bonus. It is by invite only or you must have a referrer to sign up. If you decide to, then you can use me and put deborahkaty as the referrer.

Like it??? If you have found any other I didn´t mention here please leave a comment and I will add it. :-)

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Jake Jacob said...

We use GDI, zenzuu, yuwie, direct matches, wowzaa and many paying companies in one technology.- check it out

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